PUBLIC SPEAKING Candidates with strong public speaking skills are in demand for the many occupations that require the ability to speak to a group. Public speaking is seldom, if ever an entire job description, but dynamic and well-prepared speakers are highly valued by employers and tend to earn leadership positions and important client contact roles.  Anyone whose job involves communicating, teaching, or persuading will do a better job if they have public speaking skills. Public speaking is a soft skill that requires excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, and the ability to engage with an audience. Public speakers make presentations to a group. Presentations range from speaking to a small group of employees to presenting to a large audience at a national conference or event. The same skill set and ability to be comfortable speaking in public are required regardless of the size of the group. When you want to highlight your public speaking skills in your cover letter, resume, or ev…

City ka Gixxer Jockey

City ka Gixxer Jockey
HIMCOM Congratulates our student Susmita Sharma student of BAJMC+DMLP for getting selected in top 5 finalists "Suzuki Gixxer presents City ka Gixxer Jockey". "Suzuki Gixxer presents City ka Gixxer Jockey". - The voice of Greatness. Radio City was looking for the voice full of confidence, personality that outshines all odds. We proudly announce that Susmita grabbed the opportunity and became the Finalists. HIMCOM always gives such opportunities to its students and it is a moment of pride when our students shine like this. Wish all the student a very good luck..


Finally the moment is here..
We Have our four unbeatable and very talented winners of Fresher's Party 2K19.
Mr. Fresher 2K19- Mr. Vishal Tiwari- your Positive attitude towards life will lead you to the top definitely. All the best..
Miss Fresher 2K19- Miss Anushtha Singh Rajput- Definitely Beauty with brain, Keep your head and heels high, Good Luck..

Mr. Fresher Runner up 2K19- Mr. Nitish Kumar, very well deserving..
Miss Fresher Runner up 2K19- Miss. Susmita Sharma, your voice and confidence are your asset..



Finally the Moment is here. Yes!!! We have got our Mr and Miss Fresher 2K19.. A memorable and very precious moment for all the winners..
This tag will remain with them through out the life.. All the winners Good Luck.. Cherish the moment!!

So, keep your breath high ..

HIMCOM Miss. Fresher runner up 2019 goes to Miss. Susmita Sharma, a big congratulations to Susmita..
HIMCOM Mr. Fresher runner up 2019 goes to Mr. Nitish Kumar, a big congratulations to Nitish..
HIMCOM Mr. Fresher 2019 goes to Mr. Vishal Tiwari, a big congratulations to Vishal..
HIMCOM Miss. Fresher 2019 goes to Miss. Anushtha Singh Rajput, a big congratulations to Anushtha..
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HIMCOM Managing Director Mr. Syed Masood honoured all the guests for their presence in Fresher's Party 2020. It was a very overwhelming moment for everyone. Here is a small snippet from the Programme.

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Performances @ HIMCOM FRESHER'S PARTY 2K19

Students giving stunning and fabulous Performances in Fresher's Party 2K19. Their handwork is really admirable and appreciated. We wish them all the good luck for their future. Winner will be one but you all won our hearts.