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Mass Communication Institutes in Delhi-NCR, India

India, today, has various mass communication institutes across its length and breadth. Every year there is mushrooming of mass communication institutions. Delhi perhaps has the maximum number of mass communication colleges in India. But to decide the best mass communication institute or college is one of the most difficult task for any student wanting to pursue a course in mass communication & journalism. As most of the students are unaware of the infrastructure and facilities required for such a highly professional course, they took admission in haywire.
           To address such a prevailing situation NEWS TIME 24x7 has come up with a highly professional and practical-driven media training courses in its endeavor called "HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION" aka "HIMCOM". At Heritage Institute of Management & Communication(HIMCOM), mass communication students are trained by the anchors, reporters, producers, editors, camerapersons and othe…