Top Mass Communication Colleges in Delhi-NCR/India

As we all are aware of the rapidly increasing number of mass communication institutions or colleges in India, it is very difficult to decide  which college or institute is the right one. However while choosing a media institute one has to be very thoughtful and careful about the following few points, thereof-
  1. Whether the course is a Degree or a Diploma ! If you  already  have done graduation and wanting to take up a media job then a diploma can be helpful. However, a BA/MA degree in mass communication can be advantageous over diploma in terms of pursuing higher studies like M.Phil and PhD and more gateways to multiple employments.
  2. Mass Communication studies are highly practical. Therefore closely check the infrastructure of the institute or the college. Here infrastructure means Print Newsroom, In-house journals, TV Studio, Camera, Editing & Graphics Machines, Radio Console, library and adequate classrooms etc.
  3. Admission Fees are like Monsters. Media education or education in general  has become very expensive now. So be ready to pay the giant fees. But look out for the institutes which charge moderate fees.
  4. Training Modules should be more of practicals, doesn't necessarily mean "NO THEORY". Theory classes are as important as the Practical sessions. There should be enough classes for both theories and practicals.
  5. Who are the faculty members? Please mind it, faculty members are very important. They are the people who will teach you from day one to the last day. It means faculty members should be available in the campus whenever you need them. Therefore experience/qualified in-house faculties are far more important than the visiting/guest faculties from the industry. However, there should be enough of visiting/guest faculty classes but not at the expense of In-House faculties.


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