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As we all know, changing times have revolutionized prospects in almost every career field one can find. So many exciting careers like BBA, MBA, BSC, FASHION DESIGNING, ENGINEERING etc, and options are lined ahead that it is difficult to choose one. Mass communication is one such field which is attracting a lot of young students these days. And why not, when it has to offer such interesting career options in the fields, like in various kinds of Medias – like newspaper, Magazines, electronic media, radio, advertisements, public relations etc. Mass communication covers a wide area, comprising of closely related field of advertisement, communication and public relation, therefore an encouraging sign for those looking ahead to make career in mass communication. Now, the fast growth of the internet has also started the newest medium for journalism- online journalism. Online journalism also introduces new formats of reporting news that are a great challenge to the traditional media. Mass com…


Heritage Institute of Management & Communication (HIMCOM) is an endeavour to accelerate the current education system and keep a momentum of innovation, discovery and development. The vision is to lead the young media aspirants in the right direction and the mission is to provide the required infrastructure, technology & conditions in order to facilitate a rigorous and creative learning and the applications of new and traditional skills. Whilst most of the Indian media institutes and colleges are focusing on or at-least managing routine syllabi and curriculum, chapter of media training and education through rigorous practices in the real media environment utilizing India’s leading news channels state of the art TV studios, Newsrooms, PCRs, Edit Bays, Graphics Bays, Teleport and the Automation System in addition to the professional classroom sessions by media giants from the Industry, Academics and allied subjects in order to instil a complete blend of knowledge, professional sk…