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Ace TV Anchor Shams Tahir Khan@HIMCOM

Ace TV Anchor Shams Tahir Khan@HIMCOM
Like always this time also HIMCOM is making best efforts to provide each kind of media exposure to its students.
This time HIMCOM invited Renowned TV anchor Shams Tahir Khan(Executive Editor,Aaj Tak) to the college campus where respected sir delivered special intellectual class on the topic Techniques of TV Reporting where students learned valuable objectives of journalism.
It is very important for one to understand the code of ethics of journalism while entering in this medium.In this session also they learned the ethics(Do's and Don'ts) of Journalism.
Students get motivated with these kind of special classes other than the regular one because they get to learn many new things and they also interact with the personalities they would love to meet.
So,HIMCOM always try to make it to the expectations of our new media people or we can say the new upcoming Journalists of the country.



 HIMCOM wishes you all Happy Valmiki Jayanti. Valimiki is revered  as a poet of Sanskrit literature,a great sage and author of the epic RAMAYANA. Valmiki is also known as Maharishi Valmiki and cosidered as the Adi Kavi.Valmiki was the first poet of Sanskrit.The birth anniversary of this great sage falls on the full moon day of the ashwin month according to Hindu Calendar. As per Ramayana ,Shri Ram met Valmiki during his period of exile.Later valmiki gave shelter to Maa Sita in his hermitage when Shri Ram banished her.Sons Lava and Kusha was born in his hermitage only. Valmiki taught Ramayana to these twins also.
In order to honor to his unparalleled contribution in the form of timeless epic Ramayana,valmiki's birth anniversary is celebrated as the Valmiki Jayanti.
This day is to remember a great saint who rose above his limitations and through his teachings encourages people to stand against social injustice and to remember a man who personifies benevolence and…


Like last year,this year also HIMCOM took its students to the Parliament where they learned about both the houses i.e Loksabha and Rajyasabha . Proper guide was available there who made them to understand the vital functioning of Parliament and explored the Constitutional value of Nation. Students were very enthusiastic as it was a very intellectual and educational visit for them to learn a lot.
Students also did reporting in front of the Parliament and learned the tactics of live reporting. Live reporting from the Parliament made them to gain valuable experience.
It was a very favorable experience for all the freshers who are looking forward peruse their career as a media person.
HIMCOM always organize such kinds of educational  visits for its students so that they may learn each and  every aspect of Journalism.


Dussehra is the day that follows nine days of Navratri and it is celebrated by Hindus all over India.Dussehra is also known as VijayaDashmi (Vijaya-Victory,Dashmi-Tenth day). We celebrate Dussehra as it is believed that this day Lord Rama killed Demon Ravana  for his evil deeds. On Vijayadashmi the idols of Goddess Durga are immensed into water,after nine days of festivities.It is said that the people adopted Durga as their daughter for nine days and then on Vijayadashmi she leaves for her Husband's place. In some of the places it is considered auspicious for starting education or any form of art. To celebrate this day many people perform Ramleela.They adopt the characters of Ramayana. Many Hindus also believe that it is lucky to start a new venture,project on this day.They also exchange gifts,sweets etc. in Indian culture Dussehra is always full of Dances,where the whole community mixes and pray for the peaceful life ahead, So,we the HIMCOM family wishes you all a very vibrant,…

The Missile Man

The Missile Man
This would be his 84th birthday but unfortunately he is no more with us.Yes, we are talking about our Former President,the rocket man,inspiration for many youth and of course the many awards winner Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam who served its nation from 2002 to 2007 as the President of India.
After achieving such a high position in his career he still was called the man of simplicity.He always motivated and acted as an inspiration for the students to achieve their goals. According to him if we don't face the failure we will not be able to taste the success.
Kalam was very much dearer to many of the students as he always used to go to the students and educate them .we all know that he passed away while giving a doubt that this is the way he would have wanted to die.
No matter today he is with us or not  but we will always remember him as the most humble and a great scientist.
Once again we wish this great man a very happy birthday,you will always remain alive in …

Public Relations

Public Relations Creation and management of a good public reputation is a very complex process.Without a PR it is very difficult to reach the attention of the target audience.Once a relationship is maintained between a company and its consumers,it has to be maintained to a high level. PR is the practice of managing and guiding perceptions of your business to attract new customers,and the work who does it is called a PR Specialist.He works as an image builder of the organisation. In order to build a healthy relationship with the target audience, PR Person uses some effective tools:
1.Press Release-Information that is conveyed as a part of T.V.,Radio or newspaper or any types of mainstream media is more effective.People usually consider it more trustworthy.
2. Advertorials-Advertorials are advertisements in the form of news stories or reviews in newspapers. Advertorials allow you to associate your advertising with the credibility of the newspaper. 3.Social Media-it lets you communicate direct…


If you consider yourself a artistic and you love taking photographs,this profession can be the best one for you.As a Photographer you will use your camera to capture still pictures creatively and with a different vision. A photographer is always a creative person.your picture should be eye soothing. A creative eye with visual imagination is the basic trait required in photographer.However,getting a technical background helps complement the creative side. To make a start in this career it is the best idea to get into the training by working with an established Photographer.He can prove himself the best guide for you. It is a very technical and practical field.You can not afford to capture good photographs only by reading books,for this you need to have a practical approach.You will have to go to the field to master in the subject. Initially it is little bit difficult to make a living but once you become creative,and ready to make extra efforts this profession can be…

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment
Today,the women Empowerment is becoming the burning issue all over the world including India. Women Empowerment means empowering women to take their decision for the personal matter.Even in the era of advancement of technology people still don't consider women as the important part of the society.Today also women don't feel the liberty to take their own decisions,they are dependent on their family for the cause. Women empowerment is very necessary at present so as they feel free to live their lives with full dignity and respect. it also helps in the development of the society.It will upgrade the mental status of the people.women today are increasingly participating in the national development process.They are making nation proud by giving equal contribution or even more than that in all the fields whether it is sports,politics,entertainment,social service,science or engineering. Even sometimes women are considered irreplaceable in some factors. In many of the pla…