If you consider yourself a artistic and you love taking photographs,this profession can be the best one for you.As a Photographer you will use your camera to capture still pictures creatively and with a different vision. A photographer is always a creative person.your picture should be eye soothing.
A creative eye with visual imagination is the basic trait required in photographer.However,getting a technical background helps complement the creative side.
To make a start in this career it is the best idea to get into the training by working with an established Photographer.He can prove himself the best guide for you. It is a very technical and practical field.You can not afford to capture good photographs only by reading books,for this you need to have a practical approach.You will have to go to the field to master in the subject.
Initially it is little bit difficult to make a living but once you become creative,and ready to make extra efforts this profession can be proved as a rewarding one for you.
With the advancement of journalism field,Photo Journalism is the new entrant where you will be taught each aspect of photography.For this,now colleges and institutions have emerged this subject in their course.
So.if you are passionate enough,there is no one who can stop you from making it your career.


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