Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Today,the women Empowerment is becoming the burning issue all over the world including India. Women Empowerment means empowering women to take their decision for the personal matter.Even in the era of advancement of technology people still don't consider women as the important part of the society.Today also women don't feel the liberty to take their own decisions,they are dependent on their family for the cause.
Women empowerment is very necessary at present so as they feel free to live their lives with full dignity and respect. it also helps in the development of the society.It will upgrade the mental status of the people.women today are increasingly participating in the national development process.They are making nation proud by giving equal contribution or even more than that in all the fields whether it is sports,politics,entertainment,social service,science or engineering.
Even sometimes women are considered irreplaceable in some factors.
In many of the places people still don't value women so in order to bring women empowerment in India,it is important that we understand that how inseparable women are.
we need to be open minded and change the old mind set against women .


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