MEDIA- An Opportunity for Exposure & Interaction

Choosing the right career will make one more understandable person which directly helps in his personal as well as professional growth. If one admires his work, he will never feel burdened instead of that he will enthusiastically enjoy his work. But, this all can be happening today than ever before. Everything can be possible, if you are much aware and choose your career carefully. Come out from the comfort zone, forget past perceptions and strongly think about a career.

With the emergence of new media, connecting with everyone is not difficult; the media has revolutionized the way we communicate today. The course of Mass Communication offers numerous career opportunities in various fields. A bachelor’s degree course in journalism and mass communication provides the platform to change society by expressing oneself; one gets the chance to become the voice of million people. If you are seeking for this opportunity and want to explore yourself with all your creative work then choosing a career in Media is an ideal choice for you. 

HIMCOM Institute is one of the most renowned journalism institutes in Delhi/NCR which delivers a perfect blend of knowledge and practical work experience. HIMCOM provides the platform for students where they can explore themselves practically. The institute gives you an opportunity to interact with celebrities, politician, and infuses you to face daily challenges. HIMCOM has come up with the great idea of teaching by media professionals such as RJ Rahul Makin- FEVER 104, Renowned TV Journalist Anuj Mishra - AAJ TAK, Authoress Rajul Tiwari-Writer, and Publisher, many more. HIMCOM Institute also owns its internal Production House-HIMCOM CREATION Pvt. Ltd., Theater Group-PARCHHAI, News Channel- HCN, & Magazine- INDIA ON FRONT.

HIMCOM is located in South Delhi which is directly accessible to famous Lajpat Nagar Shopping Complex. This Institute provides greater connectivity towards Nizamuddin Railway station, Maharani Bagh Bus Stand, Ashram and Lajpat Nagar Metro Station. HIMCOM is just five minutes away from boy’s and girl’s PG.


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