Christmas celebration @ HIMCOM with Abhir Malhotra

Christmas celebration @ HIMCOM with ABHIR MALHOTRA

Like every year this year also HIMCOM carried away the tradition of celebrating Christmas festival. HIMCOM has a pre Christmas celebration in the organisation. Whole campus was decorated with balloons, Christmas tree. Not only this students performed on the day as well. 

We also had Santa who brought gifts for the students and guess what who was Santa. It was none other than Our very Honorable Dean  Shree Vijay Prakash. As he entered the class students were full of enthusiasm, it was not only a entertaining but a learning day too. Students did live reporting also on the festival celebration.

Now guess what, this celebration became more illuminating because we had a special guest Mr. Abhir Malhotra who has done his debut from a Punjabi song Hukka. Students interacted with him, asked many questions they were curious of. Mr. Abhir Malhotra answered all the question very patiently and not only this he performed with the students on HUKKA song with full zeal.

After all the performances Singer and management cut the Christmas cake, which was distributed among all the students and management.So, over all it was a very grand and remarkable day.Students loved the fun they had on the day.

Have a happy and learning day
Urvashi Goel   


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