The word media is derived from the word medium. Media is intended to reach a large target group of audience. In today's world media plays an important role in the society. Media is the sword arm of the society. It acts as the watchdog of the society to protect public interest again malpractice. Media is also called the fourth pillar of the society along with Judiciary, executive and legislature.

How media affects our society? Media affects the society's behavior in various ways. It can manipulate the audience, persuade the audience along with controlling the world both in positive and negative ways; mentally, physically and emotionally.

Media can be of two kinds. First is Electronic media and the Second is Print media. However one more medium has been introduced and it is in the booming ear. Today people are more inclined towards digital media because it is easy to carry everywhere.

If you have ever noticed in the election time people support the party which is supported by media. This is because media knows how to rule on people's mind. What has to be shown to the society it is decided by the media. So, over all media plays a very magnificent role in building the decision.

Not only this media also leaves a negative impact somewhere. How? Pornography, riots, violence, crime, manipulation of things, unethical content for the TRP, is all done by media. People are becoming more reserved due to the increasing of social media participation.

So, it is the duty of media to work as the watchdog of the society in a true journalism sense.

Have a Happy and Learning Day
Urvashi Goel


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