Digital learning and Technology

Digital learning and Technology

Time is passing in just clicks. so, in order to run with time we have to understand today's demand of the technology. Time has gone when things were done manually. It is digital age. Everything is digitized.

Digital technologies have profoundly changed childhood and adolescence. The internet and the means to access it, such as tablets and smartphones, along with social media platforms and messaging apps, have become integral to the lives of youth around the world. These benefits include access to education, training and jobs etc.

Media has also started working in the same manner. Every channel or a newspaper has their own website. Most of the papers and channels have their E-paper. Digitization helps us to access the news anywhere anytime. We do not have to carry the newspaper everywhere. If we got the news about any incident we do not need to wait for the newspaper which will come he next day. We can simply go to any newspaper website and check it.

With the invention of the computer in the mid 20th century we entered in the information age and digital began to take over.

Have a happy and learning day
Urvashi Goel


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