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Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated in the month of falgun i.e. February-March. Holi is meant to welcome the spring and win the blessings of god for good harvest and fertility of the land.
There are many interesting legends attached to Holi , the most popular being that of prince prahalad who was the devout follower of lord Vishnu. After Diwali,Holi is the second most important festival of India.
It can also be called the festival of romance often represented by the love play of Radha-Krishna. Brij holi is famous all over the world.
Holi comes from the world "Hola" which means sacrifice.And the festival is a reminder that we must live our lives in a spirit of service and sacrifice.
Now ,if we talk about the colors,Dry colors are known as Gulal and wet colors are known as Rand.But originally these rang was prepared naturally from the flowers,but with time artificial and chemical colors have come in vogue.
So,try not to use very strong colors as it can harm yo…