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RIGHT TO EDUCATION The Right of Education system came into force from April 1,2010. This was a historic moment for the people of India,as from now this right will be accorded as the same legal status as other rights.This right says that every child below 14 years will get the free elementary education in the school. No child shall be denied of admission,no child shall be turned away if the admissions are over and no child shall be asked to take the admission test. Acc. to former Prime Minister of India,if every child will be nurtured properly,then only the future of India is secured.This law is implemented on both the Private and Govt. Schools. This is not a big task to pass any bill,what is important is the success of this bill,mainly in the rural areas.This can be done by spreading awareness among the parents of benefits of education and to encourage them to send their students to school. 


KINDS OF COMMUNICATION Communication is one of the most important function of management.It may be compared with the nerve system of human organism.Communication can cement any organisation or disrupt it.  The word communication has been derived from the Latin word Communis which means Commons.Effective communication let a person to build strong interpersonal,small group and large group relationships.Communication is at heart of a personal relationship in which two people disclose facts,opinions and beliefs. The primary function of communication is to persuade people,motivate them and educate them.To be successful,companies strive to use all of the functions of communication when promoting their products. Communication can be divided into four parts:- 1.Intrapersonal Communication -It is a communication where one talks to himself/herself. 2. Interpersonal Communication :-when two people are talking then we call it Interpersonal communication. 3. Group communication

Think before you speak

Think before you speak One of the most simple way to express your feeling is to Communicate,but sometime we do not realize that the way we are talking can hurt someone's feeling.It may sound crazy but we have the power to make or break someone's day and it is possible by the way we talk. Our tongue is the most soft organ of the body but it can break anybody's heart at once. A good way to think before we speak is to ask our self if what we are going to say is appropriate,or if is it the right time to speak. Always remember your words will define actually what you always remember to speak in such a way that people will remember you for a good reason.The words which you choose is a sign of your intelligence and ignorance. Sometimes we are pretty careless about the words which we choose,we do not think even once while speaking and hurt by the chosen words,after which we realize that something has gone wrong but now it is of no use because it is said "wor

Beginning of New Session 2015

Beginning of New Session 2015 So,finally the day has come,new session with new hopes.HIMCOM started its new session from Aug 19 with a grand orientation program held in ISCKON Auditorium,East of Kailash. The upcoming media aspirants are really very excited for this new journey of college. students also participated in the program by showing full involvement. HIMCOM invited the very prominent dignitaries to adorn the program.Program got started with the Saraswati Vandana followed by many other performances. The next part is Orientation class where HIMCOM invited the very ace anchors and media personalities to the college where they shared their experiences in the media industry and tried to solve all the queries of the students.These special classes will help the students in knowing the tactics of reporting and anchoring.Students will get the motivation by these lectures which is held time to time.