Back to Childhood

Back to Childhood

Kids will be Kids because in innocence only they do the hilarious thing but where that innocence is lost when we grow up.

Do you remember your most hilarious moment of your childhood? I guess no. We are so busy in this busy life that we don't have even ten minutes for us. But what is the use of such life when we can't actually enjoy something out of it? 

What we are today takes a decade to become one. We learn from our childhood experiences, values, emotions, lessons. So, when everything has come within us from our childhood then why to lose it.

Innocence is also the part of it. Why stop behave childlike. It is very fine to behave crazy sometimes, it is fine to talk without sense sometimes if it is not hurting anyone's feeling. We can sound weird often but that is the way to keep your childhood alive. Why keep mum and smile just laugh with an open mouth.

As you grow older your responsibility becomes complex. You are expected to be more responsible but does this mean to become serious? So, start living your life in an easy way. Be a person with a great mind but don't let your childhood go away. You are someone today because of your past. so, let it shine. Do not move towards darkness or seriousness. Become cheerful and happy. Do not forget to laugh with an open mouth.

Happy and Learning Day
Urvashi Goel


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