Difference of mental thoughts or lack of understanding of parents and children cause generation gap. Generation gap means when there is the different opinion,beliefs between two or more generation. We must have heard many times that parents don't agree with what their children think or vice versa and this results in quarrel. This is known as Generation gap.

The question here is why this gap is created? In the older time parents were more declined to the joint family,sharing but in modern time this generation is more devoted toward the nuclear family. So, when different thinking comes together it creates clashes. One more reason of generation gap is the lack of communication. When parents are busy with their task and children as well then it causes generation gap.

Sometimes it becomes so worse that children leave their parents and start living separate and we see so many example of this in our daily life.

How,we can overcome the situation? First of all we should try to understand each other situation. What if we were on their shoes. It is for both parents and children. Parents try to understand that today's generation has a different angle f thinking, however this generation should think that parents have not seen such kind of environment so we have to maintain the dignity.

Secondly, try to spend more time with each other. As much time we spend with each other more we will become frank. It will help in bridging the gap between two. Silence can cause many problems but discussing can solve them.

Have a happy and learning day
Urvashi Goel


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