Understand your Child

Understand your Child

It is not about whether your child's behavior is good or bad, instead it is about how they feel.` Young children are always not good in telling what do they feel, but there behavior can tell us many things, about what they are going through. Often we struggle to understand our child's behavior as they do not share their thoughts.

So, how to interpret your child's behavior.Here are some tips for this.

1. Pay Attention- In this era both the father and mother are supposed to work to meet the standard expectations. That is why we don't pay attention to our children. so, it is very important to pay attention on them.

2. Listen- Most of the children have this complaint that our parents do not listen to us. So, always be there to listen to your child's problem. With this you will have an idea that what is going in his mind.

3. Communicate- Take out time for your child. Talk with him about any thing may be how was the day or would he like to go for an outing etc.

If you will his behavior to be weird, ask him politely about the problem he is facing . Then only you will understand his psychology.

Have a happy and learning day
Urvashi goel


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